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Case mix at the Istituto Europeo di oncologia: first report registry tumor, years 2000-2002

Botteri e., s. Iodice, Maisonneuve p., m. Alfieri, n. Burzoni, l. Mangoes, m. Martinetti, b. Montanari, e. Albertazzi, b. Bazolli and no Rotmensz

Introduction: An institutional tumour registry and hospital-based centralized (TR) is the ideal support tool for the Organization and management of clinical data into a global centre of cancer. the purpose of this document is to describe the development of TR at the Istituto Europeo di oncologia (IEO) in Milan, from its beginnings to its current applications.

Materials and methods: after a series of meetings with members of clinical research, administrative and computer science departments, the TR was activated in March 2006 with the aim of collecting data on all individuals that references the Institute with or at risk of developing cancer. was implemented on an Oracle-based interface. You have defined a minimum set of data variables and data collection has been divided into four modules, which together to collect all relevant data for patients, cancer, treatments and subsequent events.

Results: After a pilot period of 6 months, involving the formation of cancer registries, design changes to the registry, development of data quality control and finalization of operative Protocol, since September 2006 data collection was fully operational. Five registrars were chronological data entry of all individuals who have visited the IEO for the first time since 1 January 2000.March 2009, data on individuals and 69,637 43,567 tumors have been revised, recoded and registered in TR.Twenty-two percent of tumors (n = 9, 578) were the first primary invasive, diagnosed and treated at the IEO; the most common sites were breast (n = 4, 972), Lung (n = 627), intestine (n = 479) and prostate (n = 376).
Conclusion: IEO TR has demonstrated functional and reliable monitoring of the hospital, that extract data from any subpopulation with features of interest. The TR structured and centralized represents an important tool for our institution, research-oriented.

Volume: 3 article number: 149 DOI: 10.3332/ecancer may.2009.149 received: 26/06/2009 published: 21/10/2009

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